Helpful Hints

A few helpful hints for pets coming into our Kennels and Cattery

  • Collar: A simple, flat collar without attachments or elaborate decoration is ideal.
  • Identity Tag: The most suitable type of tag is a straightforward durable metal disc with clear, legible markings.
  • Comforter: Your pet may settle more quickly if it has a familiar toy, or comforter to give reassurance and help it feel at home.
  • Diet: Feeding instructions & special dietary requirements should be given to the kennel staff in writing.
  • Contacts: We will need to have your mobile number and the name and telephone number of someone else who knows you and your pet whom we can contact in the case of an emergency when we can't get hold of you.
  • Vet: The name and telephone number of your vet in case of an emergency. We may not use your regular vet, unless it's for some ongoing medical condition or medication and it's pre arranged beforehand. In the case of an emergency we will use the nearest vet purely for the well being of your pet but we still need your vet’s number for any medical history or for any ongoing treatment
  • Medical: Details of any medical conditions should be carefully explained, and instructions regarding any medication should be given to kennel staff in writing.
  • Vaccinations: Please bring along your pets current vaccination certificate which needs to include the Kennel Cough certificate which provides effective protection against Bordetella bronchiseptica, the major cause of infectious bronchitis.
  • Dates: We will need to have confirmation of boarding dates, along with the times of delivery and expected collection. These are essential as it is best that we do not feed them close to the time they are going home, the last thing you need after your holiday is your pet being ill in the car on the way home, we also advise you not to feed them before you bring them in, for the same reasons.
  • Pet name: If your pet has a particular nickname or a name that it known  by and responds to other than it’s full birth name please inform the kennel staff as it will help us to establish an even better rapport with your dog.

Delivery & Collection:

Mornings: Open every day 10.00am - 12.00 midday

Evenings: (Monday to Friday inclusive) 5.00pm - 6.00pm

Please note we are closed Saturday and Sunday afternoons

We are closed all Bank Holidays including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. 

We are only open in the morning on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. 








We require a non returnable deposit for every booking for the kennels and cattery. The deposit is non-refundable and in the case of a cancellation it will be used as a cancellation fee.

A Kennel booking requires a £50.00 deposit for each kennel and the Cattery booking requires a £35.00 deposit for each cattery and small animals are a £35 deposit for each run/hutch required. (Deposits for Christmas bookings are charged at double rate).